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Sprott Asset Management has announced the upcoming launch of three new precious metals-related funds on February 28, 2012.

“We strongly believe that investors should have an allocation to precious metals in their portfolios,” said Eric Sprott, chief investment officer of Sprott.

Sprott Silver Equities Class, Sprott Silver Bullion Class and Sprott Gold Bullion Class will all be added to Sprott Corporate Class Inc., bringing the shelf in that structure to 11 mandates.

Sprott’s bullion funds provide a liquid and cost-effective way to hold physical gold and silver, while the Sprott Silver Equities Class invests primarily in mining companies that are focused on silver exploration and production.

“We are pleased to build on our leadership position in the precious metals category”, said James Fox, president of Sprott. “With the launch of these new funds, we continue to demonstrate our commitment to developing innovative new products to help our clients achieve their investment objectives.”

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